Friday, 20 April 2012

I hear thunder, I hear thunder...

Hark! Don't you? Hark! Don't you?

I used to sing that as a child (as I'm sure many children did) and spend ages trying to remember the words the other day. It also dawned on me for the first time that the tune is the same as the french song "Frère Jacques", unless I've been singing them both wrong all this time.

It's been raining and thundering on and off here for a few days now, we had the best storm a few nights ago where there were no thunder claps, just the lightning. It evened out the next day though, with thunder claps but no lightning. I think I prefer it when it comes at the same time, because then I can sit and count the time between the thunder and the lightning and work out how far close the storm is!

I thought that since you all seemed to enjoy my Singapore pictures that you'd be interested in the photographs I took when I was in Phuket on my secret holiday. As I'm sure you read, Ras decided to take me on a holiday for my birthday this year but I had no idea where we were going, right up until we got to immigration on the other side (it was hard to miss the "Welcome to Thailand/Phuket" signs everywhere!). It was amazing surprise and a holiday I'll never forget. He'd booked us into The Banyan Tree Spa Resort, which I'll admit I'd never heard of until we arrived. 

We had our own private villa complete with pool, jacuzzi, outdoor shower, outdoor sunken bath, steam room and a bedroom surrounded by glass walls and a pond, making it look like we were floating! Every morning, two masseuses arrived to give us our morning 30 minute massage (named the 'Morning Delight', ahem) and a man arrived in a golf cart to bring us our breakfast before we set off to the spa for facials, manicures, pedicures, full body massages and general decadence!

Our floating bedroom

One of the many frogs in that were providing the audio soundtrack to our holiday!

Messing around with cocktails by the lagoon

View of our villa + pool from our private Thai "Sala" - the massage parlour 

I totally got to ride an elephant! (Ras doing his best impression of a Maharajah in the back)

We had great fun drinking the coconut milk and trying to make the coconuts float in the pool!

We did some island hopping around Phi Phi island and I snorkeled for the first time. Beautiful!

If you want a relaxing, quiet and amazing holiday, I would definitely recommend heading to Phuket. I'd love to go back some day :)

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