Saturday, 30 April 2011


Readers, it would appear that I have neglected you! I got told off the other day by my boyfriend for being the kind of person who gives 100% for a day or two and then forgetting about it ('it' being anything from writing a blog, thinking about going on holiday, quitting smoking, saving money....) and not doing it.
So, I'm quitting smoking on Sunday (tomorrow - eek!), re-starting this blog today, have got a short trip to France in May to recharge my batteries and have already looked at budgetting to save money for bigger holidays later in the year!

On the blog note - I have some exciting things to share! Over the next week or so I'll be showing you some gorgeous images from a shoot with Claude Pierus (along with some duo modelling with Katie Louise D), some light and natural lifestyle from Andrew Appleton of Applephoto, incredibly wonderful styled images from Holly Cox  and a mix of fashion, beauty and nudes from Andy K Stratford and Harmony Summer.
I also have a wealth of gorgeous nudes to share with you from my week long trip to Spain with Greg Brown, John Evans and Ella Rose.
Unfortunately, I am on a train right now and have left my external harddrive at home so can't access them all, but here's a sneak peek of the images I got from Harmony.

Harmony is a young but fanstastic photographer based in Devon and Northampton (her time is split between the two) with a great eye for a photograph. I'll certainly be working with her again the next time she's in Northampton (as I also spend a lot of time there!)

The makeup was by Chloe Winters, a relatively new (and fabulous!) addition to the MUA world, very talented and great fun to work with. She's currently working on building up her portfolio and when she's got a portfolio page up and running, I'll be sure to link her!
I love this shot because it's so different for me. Beauty is a genre I've not played with much and so when Andy and Harmony asked what I'd like to do with them, my first response was beauty. Knowing we had a talented makeup artist on hand meant that I was confident we'd get some great, natural shots as well as some more styled ones later on.
I love the lighting in this shot, it subtly moves your eye right to the centre of the image without being too 'spotlight-y', which is nice.

I'll sign off now be assured that I *will* be updating again very shortly!



  1. Good luck quitting smoking!! I bet you'll not get through nearly so many books! :-) But well done - think of your lungs... ;-)

    V nice shot. Looking forward to more updates!xx

  2. Thanks Ella! I'm on day 2 now and doing well - much easier than I thought. However, I said that last time I tried to quit, so we'll see how it goes!
    On the up-side, I did just come back from the gym where I ran 3k, which is twice as much as last week, so this non-smoking thing has already had a great impact on my lungs!


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