Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A most unusual shoot...

I played a chess piece!

I shot with the absolutely lovely Holly Cox a little while ago on a fantastic and unusual shoot based around a Chess Board theme. I played the White Queen and the White Bishop, two very fun roles to play. There were 4 models in all, each playing 1 or 2 different roles throughout the day. The other models were Sandra, Roseanne and Aaly and the MUA's were Angelina Howard and Suki Miles. The wardrobe designers were Ara Jo and Aqua
Here are a few pictures from the shoot, which took hours in hair and makeup, as I guess you can tell!

Here I am, mourning the loss of my knight :(

White Queen and Black Queen stand-off!

This was definitely one of the most styled, interesting shoots I've done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Holly is definitely one to watch, she's got a great eye for styling and photography :)

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