Sunday, 1 January 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It's not quite over yet, but 2011 has been very good to me! I went full time with my modelling in January after 2 and a bit years of modelling part time as a hobby and it's done me well, I'm glad to say. I've met some wonderful people, created some stunning images, travelled to other countries for my work, been accepted by 2 agencies and gained the front cover of an online magazine!
2012 is sure to bring me even more of the above, as well as trying to make it over in Hong Kong, where I'm moving to in just 1 month and 7 days!

My Christmas went very well, starting in Denmark with the boyfriend's family where I ate more than I like to remember, danced around the Christmas tree singing traditional Christmas songs and learnt a lot more Danish than I thought I'd be able to do. This was mostly due to Ras' 6 year old niece, who despite knowing I don't speak Danish, insisted on speaking to me non-stop for 4 days :) It's really rather magical, spending Christmas with children. I'd never done it before, we don't have any youngsters in our family really, the youngest being 16.
We got back to the U.K and headed up to my parents for a second Christmas, filled with more gifts, games, chocolate and chilling out.
I got thoroughly spoilt this's a sample of the wonderful things I received.

 I absolutely adore Soap and Glory's products. My mother bought me 2 or 3 of their products for Christmas a few years ago and I've never looked back! I don't use anything else if I can help it. It's always great to find a brand that you like! Above is what I got this year and below is my ever growing collection!

I also got a few books, some gorgeous bath bombs from my boyfriend and a manicure set from my little brother. The manicure set is actually the first one I've ever owned, since I was a terrible nail biter since I was 5 or 6 and I have a feeling no one in the family wanted to buy me anything for my nails until I'd proved I could look after them ;)


I've already made two recipes from my new cookery book, both were absolutely stunning and exactly what it says on the tin: Easy! The novel by Jodi Picoult was a beautiful book, very imaginative and so captivating that I barely put it down until I was finished!

I also got the cutest set of Pyjamas. I'm a bit of a dinosaur nerd, so these were a great idea!
On top of all of that, I got a gift voucher for Primark, so my friend Anita and I are heading there next week to do some post-Christmas January sales shopping! 

I'm off to a party this evening, so it's time to log off and go and pamper myself with some new toiletries and make myself all sparkly for the New Year's celebrations!!

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