Sunday, 1 April 2012

Latino Caribbean Carnival Rugby Night at Play!

Last week before jetting off to a secret location (which I discovered at the airport was Phuket - more about that later) I was invited to walk at a fashion show welcoming the Guyana and Uraguay rugby teams to Hong Kong, where they would be competing in the Rubgy 7's. I must admit that rugby isn't particularly my thing but I know enough to know that for the Guyana team, this was a big deal. They'd never played at the 7's and so the caribbean community of Hong Kong got together to throw them an exclusive private party at one of Hong Kong's premier nightclubs, Play.
As well as some amaxing performances from caribbean carnival dancers, there was an auction, dancing, free food and, of course, the fashion show.

Image courtesy of my boyfriend who snuck into the press box with his camera!
L-R: Me, Zoe and Yuki
As well as wearing gorgeous dresses by Fifi, bikinis by Pualani Hawaii, lingerie by The Powder Room, kaftans and stunning jewellery, we were also walking down the runway accompanied by the very handsome gentlemen from the Guyana rugby team.

Image hotlinked from the Fifi Facebook page
I'm wearing the red and gold Fifi "Love" dress, and love it I do!
L-R: Richard Staglon
, Me, Elwin Chase
The organisers wanted the show to be more than just a walk up and down, so we were instructed to dance up the catwalk, which is why I appear to be dancing. The two men behind me are also players from the Guyana team, Richard Staglon and Elwin Chase.

A quick shot after the show with the designers.
L-R: Monisha, one of the organisers; Josie from FiFi, Zoe, Yuki and I, the models; Helena, out agent and Fiona, from FiFi

After the show Ras and I stayed for a few quick drinks with the girls and headed home for a reasonably early night's sleep before getting back up at 6am to head to the airport.

I'll blog about that tomorrow, but to tide you over here's a quick picture:

Ras and I in the foyer of the hotel.


  1. This is really cool & your fella (I do not know why) reminds me of the guy from Limp Bizkit (think I spelled it right).Well done to you Hannah.

  2. Haha, I'll be sure to pass that on to him!


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