Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cocktails, Comedians and Clams

Ras and I are famous! Well, maybe not famous, but....
The staff at the apartments we are staying in asked if they could take some pictures of us around our flat for some promotional material. Easiest first Hong Kong publication ever?
I guess it counts, despite them not asking me because of my super awesome modelling skills; rather because we have one of the executive suites and they probably would have asked anyone who was staying in it, but who cares!?

The pictures were all over big 6 foot tall boards at their 3rd year anniversary party on the roof of the building. It was amazing to be sipping (free) cocktails and eating (free) food whilst gazing out over Hong Kong's skyline.
The entertainment was great too, they'd booked a live Latin band, the world flair champions (you know, the cocktail waiters who throw your drink around for half an hour before giving it to you) and Vivek Mahbubani, an Indian descent, Chinese, fluent English speaking comedian. We spent a while chatting to him about metal music (turns out he's also the drummer in a heavy metal band) and then posed for a polaroid with me which he then signed.

Other than attending cocktail parties on roofs and posing for photographs, I've also been extending my culinary tastes. By which I mean Ras and I were taken to a very local restaurant the other night by some Chinese friends who proceeded to order razor clams for us. I won't lie, they didn't really do much for me, too salty and chewy for my tastes!

Right now I'm going to curl up on the sofa with Ras and watch a film. I love lazy Saturdays :)

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