Thursday, 24 May 2012

6 things I like about June...

Things I'm most looking forward to this month:

1. Seeing my Mum after 3 months and getting the biggest squeezy hugs.
2. Watching some of my favourite bands at Download Festival
3. Shopping and cocktails with my friend Anita 
4. My studio day at MWM Studio in Wokingham
5. Picnics in the park with my best friends
6. A short city break to Amsterdam with Ras

I've been getting the smallest hints of homesickness now that my trip is so close. It seems so soon and yet not soon enough that I'll be on that plane flying toward my friends, family and a pint of Strongbow (can't get it here for love nor money!).
This is the longest I've been away from any of my friends, let alone my family, so I can't wait to step into my Mum's house for some Mum-Hugs, a glass of wine and a natter on the back patio in front of the chimenea.

Of course, Download Festival is high on my list of things I can't wait for; they sold out of tickets before I managed to get one, but with a little networking on my part I've managed to grab myself a Guest Pass for the Friday with the (small) possibility of a visit backstage! There's a lot to be said for networking, ladies and gents!

The shopping here in Hong Kong is great, but there's one thing they're severely lacking, and that's a Primark! I know I should be telling you all that I miss Versace or Prada or something, but you can't beat Primark for cheap and cheerful, basic t-shirts, jeans, jackets and handbags! So a shopping trip with Anita is definitely on the cards.

The studio day is going to be great fun, my days at MWM always are! I'm looking forward to working with new and regular photographers and seeing what styles I can mold myself into!

To finish off our trip to the U.K, Ras and I are flying out to Amsterdam for a short city break. It's one of the places I've never been but always wanted to so I'm glad we've got this sorted whilst we're in Europe! Expect many pictures of sex shops, Anne Frank's house and bicycles!

As well as looking forward to the future, I thought I'd post a few pictures from shoots I've had since I've been in Hong Kong. I've just received a batch from 3 different shoots and couldn't decide which ones to blog about, so I'll post one from each and then maybe do a full post on the shoots another time.


Photography:  Pierre Lu at  Variouspix Photography

Photography: Patrick Lam, Stylist: Siumuzi Ho

Photography: Kinwai Cheung, Styling: Nikei Mak, Hair and Makeup: Shue Lai

Hannah x

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