Monday, 28 May 2012

Junk trips and photo shoots!

Just 6 days until I'm sitting on a plane on my way back to the U.K! I'm incredibly excited, can you tell? 
As well as that, I'm looking forward to my second junk trip of the year on Saturday with a lovely group of new friends. We've got the junk all day with unlimited wake-boarding and banana boating! Hiring a junk for the day is a great way to get out of the city, chill out and get to know new people as the minimum booking is normally around 12-15 people, so there are always people you don't know. I had a great time on the last trip, and I was the only girl who got up the courage to jump off the boat into the water!

Posing like an idiot in the captain's chair

Going....going....going.....GONE! It's a lot higher than it looks!

As well as jumping off boats into the sea, I took some time out to dye my hair a super amazing ginger colour and shoot with the fantastic photographer Kinwai Cheung, stylist Nikei Mak and make up artist Shue Lai.
I just got the images back yesterday, I hope you enjoy them.

Hannah xx

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