Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!

What a busy couple of weeks! I flew back to the U.K over Christmas to visit family and managed to squeeze in a few shoots with a selection of people, some with whom I've worked before (the ever wonderful Joe and Leanne - more on them later) and a couple I hadn't (you'll have to wait and see on that front).
Visiting my family and friends was wonderful, but I found it harder this time, somehow. Maybe because Christmas is a very family oriented time, so being around them all made me realise just how far away I am. I had a wonderful time though, and got lots of lovely gifts. Everyone seemed to like the gifts I bought them too; I made an effort to buy everybody something from Hong Kong that they may not be able to get in England.

I ended my year on the roof of a 20 story building in Dalston, wearing a 3 pointed hat and a drawn on fake moustache, and watching every set of fireworks that London has to offer! It was truly spectacular, the whole horizon (I had a 360 degree view of London) was sparkling with fireworks!

The hat was compulsory for the party, the 'tache was not. I put on the hat and instantly knew it required a moustache! 

This February will be our first anniversary of moving to Hong Kong (it's gone so quickly!). Ras and I missed our third anniversary in November because he was away with work, so we're planning on rolling Valentines day, our anniversary and the celebration of our first year in Hong Kong into one and heading to the Philippines on a diving holiday. This means the first item of my New Year's resolutions list is to 1) Get my PADI open water diving certificate!

I've not got any other specific resolutions this year as I find I never stick to them anyway, but I'm planning on cleaning up my diet (I'm going vegan once a week, veggie twice a week and I'll be trying to eat a lot more fish, a food I really like but never seem to eat). I'm also going to start my strength training very soon, which along with my new diet (it's a lifestyle change, not technically a 'diet' as such), should give my body and mind a real boost toward health-dom!

As for Joe and Leanne (who I told you you'd hear more on later), I just got back the first couple of images and I'm in love <3
It dawned on me half way through that I'd never actually done a 'proper' lingerie shoot before. Sure, I've done shoots in lingerie, but the lingerie wasn't the focus of the shot, more of an accessory. So I'm pretty happy to be able to add these to my portfolio!

The photography is of course, Joe Gascoigne and the hair and makeup was done by Leanne. The lingerie is my own, bought in the most adorable little shop in Hong Kong! I've easily doubled my lingerie drawer with sets from there!

I'd really love to hear your opinions on the pictures, as well as your new year's resolutions or even how your Christmas went!


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