Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I've been neglecting you again. I'm sorry *slaps self on wrist*. I can't even say that I've been hugely busy, certainly not busy enough that I don't have time to sit down and write!

However, I have been doing a few things. I've got a Christmas cocktail party coming up (which I'm hosting) and so my last couple of weeks have been spent sorting out the food, decorations, drinks and, most importantly, trying to find the perfect dress to wear! I've got a fitting on Friday with a designer friend of mine so we'll see what she comes up with!

Other than that I've started taking my fitness and nutrition far more seriously. I'm an admin on a weight loss and motivation Facebook group and seeing the excellent progress all the men and women there are making has spurred me on to do it myself. I'm not aiming to lose weight, but to completely transform my body and skin with weights, cardio and an excellent diet. Don't worry, I'm not aiming for Hulk-like proportions! I've started a new blog, if you're interested, tracking my progress and generally chatting about the whole experience. You can find it here ---> Adventures In GymLand. *shameless plug*

I have my friend Anita De Bauch arriving from somewhere in Asia today (I think Singapore, but she could be anywhere; it's her Asia tour, after all!), so the next few days will be spent spending quality time together, catching up and exploring Hong Kong. We've plans to go and see the Pandas at Ocean Park, and possibly the wild monkeys in Sha Tin (if the weather gives a little), which will be fun.
After her Hong Kong trip, she's heading to Bangkok to charge her batteries a little and so I've decided to join her for a couple of days. We're flying out there the same day (different airlines though) and will probably spend the 3 or so days getting massages and manicures and raiding the markets that Bangkok has to offer!

Then it's back to Hong Kong for my cocktail party, a week of frenzied Christmas present shopping and flying to the U.K on the 14th to spend time with my family and friends for the Christmas period.

Busy busy busy!

It's Ras and my 3 year anniversary today too, but he's in Singapore (of all places!) until Thursday so we've got nothing planned. We do plan on taking a little trip away early next year to somewhere hot and romantic. We're looking at somewhere in Indonesia at the moment. Bliss!

I can't very well leave you without a picture, so here's a cute one from a trip to Banana Studio in Sunderland last year. I just spotted it today whilst Facebook stalking myself ;)

Photographer: Imago Images
Makeup and Hair: Alex Pretswell

Bye for now,

Hannah xx

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