Sunday, 8 May 2011

And then there were two...

As promised, here's the first of a lot of new blog posts full of pretty pictures and general modelling based news :)
I've decided to do them in the same order that I shot them, which means today you get the fabulous Claude Pierus and Katie Louise D.

Claude and I had been trying to work together for months but one thing after another seemed to get in the way. When we managed to secure a date, he asked if I'd mind half of the shoot being with the gorgeous Katie Louise D, a fantastic and bendy nude model based in London. I'd previously worked with Katie a long time ago and was thrilled to learn we'd be working together again, especially since I feel I've really progressed since we last met in terms of learning how to use my body and using it in the best way for me.

The shoot kicked off with Katie and I doing some duo work, which I thoroughy enjoyed. It's interesting to watch other people work, especially people who you admire and so getting to work with Katie was a pleasure. She's great fun, very bouncy and excitable and just so great to work with! We got some incredible shots, here are my favourites...

It's interesting to see the differences in our bodies, despite being the same height and a very similar build. It just goes to show how different women are when stripped down to our natural selves :)

After an hour or two of working with Katie I had my one to one time with Claude. Claude's great to work with - very easy to chat to and had me giggling - you can really tell in some of the later shots that I'm having a great time, I always seem to have a little tiny smile on my face!
There were a lot of shots from this session, so I'm just going to share my personal favourites. If you want to see more, you can see them at Claude's website

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