Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sun, Sea, Vintage Dresses and Shopping!

I got back from my holiday in Turkey on Sunday feeling refreshed and wonderfully relaxed.
I went out there with my boyfriend, Ras for his parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Lots of his family were there, which was great as I love kids and got to mess about playing make believe with a 2 year old, 5 year old and 7 year old and meet his sister, who I hadn't met already. All of his family but his parents live in Denmark, so we rarely get to see them, so it was really nice to have the week to chill out and catch up :)

We started the week with a Turkish Bath, where I was laid on a hot stone and exfoliated head-to-toe before being washed with this amazingly soapy...soap. They then poured hot and cold water over me to get my circulation running, then led me out to a relaxing room with candles and soft music for my facial. Then into the massage room for a 50 minute deep tissue massage. Boy, did I need that! All this posing is like doing yoga for 4, 5, 6 hours a day, so having someone release all the tension in my back was great!
We also did some sightseeing in Side to see the Greek amphitheatre and ruins, along with Apollo's temple, then some white water kayaking (super fun!) and jet-skiing in the sea (also super fun!).
All in all I think it went well!

Yesterday I had two shoots, the first with Stuart Freeman of Salisbury in his studio (which has under floor heating - win!) for some stunning art nudes and then with Alan Fretten in the brand new Curves Studio above the Nikita Sablier shop in the heart of Salisbury. I got to prance around in stunning vintage inspired dresses and corsets and generally act like a laaaadddyyyy all day. I'm sure I'll be posting a few pictures up very soon!
If you haven't already been to Nikita Sablier or booked Curves for your photo shoot - why not? The studio is fantastic ad the clothes in Nikita Sablier (which are available to hire for your shoot) are simply beautiful!

Now I'm off to Marble Arch to meet Anita De Bauch for some shopping (I hate shopping, so she's coming to ensure I don't buy the first thing I see and run back home), before starting my intermediate classes at my fencing club this evening!
Busy busy busy!


  1. Under-floor heating in an art nude studio is genius! Every studio should have it!!

    That coat I "accidentally" bought when I was supposed to be being your personal shopper is lovely, so glad I got it :) I was coming home from Sainsburys last night and a lady walking the other way said she liked it. I like it when that happens ;)

  2. I'm glad you got it too! It's really cute (and
    it's tweed!)

    I'm definitely going to use you as personal shopper again soon - I wore my orange trousers to the NHM yesterday with a coat I had kicking around and my shades, I felt like a rockstar ;)


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