Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dressing up box

Today's blog post is going to be a showcase of images that all have one thing in common - the amount of squealing I did when I discovered what I'd be wearing.
Not a year goes by without me throwing some elaborate fancy dress themed party at least 3 times (Sci-Fi, Dinosaurs, Literal Band Names, 1920's, to name a few), so when I get to do this on photoshoots, I get super excited! It's even better doing it for work, because there's almost always a fantastic team making it look 10 times better than my home-made costumes and special effects makeup!

So, here's a selection of some highly styled, interesting, incredibly fun "fancy dress" shoots I've done in the last few months:

© Holly Cox. I know you've seen it before, but it was great fun! Playing the White Queen from a chess board

© Phillip Skraba. Yes, another one you've seen before, but  who doesn't like Post Apocalyptic Hobo Models?!

© 3D - G Photography. This was so much fun! The dress is from Angel's Fancy Dress shop in London and was absolutely  stunning - beautifully made and terribly Victorian, dahling
© Ian Mears. This wonderful shot was taken at Miss Aniela's Shoot Experience Day at Dalston Height ins London. I seem to remember that the day had ended and Ian and I managed to grab a few minutes at the end to take advantage of the stunning natural light coming through the skylight.

© Dave Ormerod. I know there doesn't appear to be a lot of dressing up going on in this image, but it certainly has real emotion and character. Dave's little note on his Flickr page is very touching.

As well as dressing up for shoot and for my own parties, I also have my flatmate's birthday, he's having a retro Sci-Fi themed party, with a heavy Barbarella influence. He's been making our flat look slowly more like a spaceship for the last few weeks (I kid you not - I'll post pictures when it's finished!) and the doorbell has been ringing constantly for weeks with deliveries of rayguns, flying saucer sweets, tin foil and various other bits and bobs!
I can't wait!


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