Tuesday, 22 November 2011

News time!

Good morning! I have NO idea how I managed to keep this vaguely quiet for the last goodness knows how long, but I have some news for you all :)

You may remember that earlier in the year, my boyfriend Ras and I went on a long holiday to Hong Kong. Well, it was a holiday but it was also a sort of chance to get to know the city. 'Why?', I hear you ask!
Well, as of the 7th February 2012, Ras and I will be moving to Hong Kong! We'll be there for a trail period of 6-12 months, but all going well we'll be staying for around 2 years. Ras works as a business analyst for a software firm in the financial industry and that's what's sending us out there.

So, I do expect this blog will turn into a bit of a "My life in Hong Kong" blog, but it'll also keep you updated as to when I'm planning my trips back to the U.K, images from shoots I do over in HK and generic holiday style news!

Until then,

再见 !

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