Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen!

So last week the boyfriend and I spent a long weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark, his home country, to celebrate our two year anniversary. Despite having been together for this long, this was the first time I'd visited Denmark and I'd been looking forward to it quite a bit! If you're not in the least interested in Copenhagen, skip to the end where you'll find some new images of me!

On the first day, I made Ras take me to see the famous Little Mermaid statue (which I dutifully said in my best terrible English-accented Danish before he'd take me there - this was a running theme), which was beautiful. According to the guidebook, the poor girl has had her head chopped off numerous times, arms lopped off on a few occasions and has been painted a shade of bright red since she was first put there in 1913. I can't see why though, I thought she was utterly charming!

Den Lille Havfrue
Not to be confused with 'Den Lille Jomfrue', which means "The Little Virgin" Just a small snippet of information I picked up whilst there!

As well as visiting my favourite childhood character, we also spent some time wandering around the coutryard of Amalienborg, the Royal Palace. We didn't see much apart from a rather un-impressed looking Royal Guard...

Shortly after I took this picture, they all started shouting across the courtyard to each other and began what looked like it could have been a changing of the guards type affair. Except that they did it in their own time, not so much marching as swinging their legs and sauntering across the road!

We also spotted the "Occupy Copenhagen" encampment outside the "RĂ„dhuspladsen" (town hall) and I tried my photography skills out on a local neon-lit building.

Ok, it's not fantastic. It's out of focus, shakey and it was dark. was dark,  I was waiting to cross the road and I had no tripod! I still like it though :)

Since this is a modelling blog, I shall now post this:

Photographer: Joe Gascoigne. Hair and Makeup - Ania Paterak

This shot was taken as part of a fantastic shoot with the above named creatives, Joe and Ania. I decided I wanted to go for the crazy eyebrows as it's something that I've seen pop up every so often in magazines and on the catwalk.

 Yay! Orange trousers and a teal blouse! Colour-tastic!
Photographer: Joe Gascoigne. Hair and Makeup - Ania Paterak

I also updated my Flickr account - here's the link!
And my Google+ Profile - here!

I'll be adding a few more Copenhagen pictures tomorrow, including a stunning picture I took in the "Glyptoteket" of 4 paintings done at Denmark's very first female Art Nude Studio Day!

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