Thursday, 8 December 2011

Art and Books

Whilst in Copenhagen, my boyfriend tried to teach me about aperture, shutter speed and other camera-related things. So, I put my new found knowledge to the test and attempted some photography!

Nyhavn - I'm super happy with this. So much that I'm considering having it printed for putting on my wall!

Just a rather pretty building I saw!

Rosenborg Castle

The "Rundetårn", meaning Round Tower. I'm pretty proud of this picture - I like funky angles

This took a LOT of fiddling to get right but I'm quite happy with it!
Taken in Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market

I'm actually quite sad that this didn't come out very well. Apparently it's something to do with the ISO or something, but it's a little blurry and the black is all patchy. Eitherway, it was stunning :)

It miust have taken forever to get these lights up! They were everywhere!

As well as wandering around stunning Christmas Markets, we also visited Christiania. It's a strange place, full of hippies, communists (the good kind) and lots of drugs. It's not altogether 'official', but the Danish Government sort of let them get on with things. Check out the history here.

The only indication that we had arrived (other than the rather distinct smell of cannabis wafting around)

I thought this was wonderful. A small neighbourhood, almost completely goverened by its own rules.

It's says "EU". Ras and I both thought it said "Ell" until we twigged :)

Stunning painting on this building. Christiania was full of artwork and statues made from junk. I'd recommend going down and having a look if you're around! 

Following the 'Art' theme, I thought I'd share what I found in the "Glyptoteket", Copenhagen's Art Museum. As well as Egyptian and Roman sculpture, French paintings and some more modern pieces, they had a rather large and beautiful collection of Danish art. One thing that caught my eye was this:

As you can see, it's the same set-up, same women, painted in 4 different ways. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this was in fact the very first Female Art Nude Studio Day for painters in Denmark. Unfortunately I've completely forgotten who they're by and when they're from. I do remember that the King had given permission for a female model to be used in a class for the very first time, but it must be during the hours of daylight and she must be chaparoned. I'll do my best to find out more!

The Three Graces by Antonio Canova
I've done quite a few shoots based around The Three Graces, and so it was a pleasure to see one of the sculptures in person :)
On top of all my holiday pictures, I was informed that I have been published in another book! The talented Scott Chappell has published a book of his works from the last few years and I was honoured to discover that I've been included alongside some of the UK's top models! It's called "39" and you can preview and buy it here.

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